About this Book#

Welcome to the course manual for CSC310 at URI with Professor Brown.

This class meets MWF 2-2:50pm in Ranger 302.

This website will contain the syllabus, class notes, and other reference material for the class.

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Reading each page#

All class notes can be downloaded in multiple formats, including as a notebook. Some pages of the syllabus and resources are also notebooks, if you want to see behind the curtain of how I manage the course information.

Try it Yourself

Notes will have exercises marked like this

Question from Class

Questions that are asked in class, but unanswered at that time will be answered in the notes and marked with a box like this. Long answers will be in the main notes

Further reading

Notes that are mostly links to background and context will be highlighted like this. These are optional, but will mostly help you understand code excerpts they relate to.


Both notes and assignment pages will have hints from time to time. Pay attention to these on the notes, they’ll typically relate to things that will appear in the assignment.

Think Ahead

Think ahead boxes will guide you to start thinking about what can go into your portfolio to build on the material at hand.